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Nichole Ferro

500+hr ERYT/Educator | Womb Medicine Woman | Women's Embodiment Mentor | Trauma Recovery Coach
Energy Healer/ Reiki Master | Breathwork Facilitator /Educator

Nichole Ferro, E-RYT 500hr+, is a Trauma informed Registered Yoga Teacher and Educator, certified Womb Medicine Woman®, Psychosomatic Trauma Recovery Coach, Certified Holistic Health and Spiritual coach, Reiki Master and Women's Embodiment Mentor.With over 2,000 hours of training and 10,000 hours of teaching, for the last 11 years yoga, breathwork, meditation and healing has been a huge part of her personal and professional journey.

She co-facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings in different parts of the world where she blends yoga philosophy and shamanism for a powerful and awakening experience. She believe these ancient practices open us up to our deeper truths.She is a practitioner of self-development and personal growth and has trained under renowned teachers all over the world.

She guides others in healing practices such as: Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Womb Healing, Menstrual Cycle Coaching, Ceremonies, Meditation, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Psychosomatic Therapy, Inner Child work, and Yoga. Her passion is to help others in the recovery process, reconnect with themselves and the world while using their strengths to build a life they love living.In her work she specializes in Women's Embodiment Mentorship and Womb Healing and Trauma.

This also includes guiding women to access their aware feminine while also having a healthy balanced relationship with their masculine. This helps to create a healthy partnership with themselves and others. Her passion is to guide women in birthing their unique truths to the world!She works with many types of trauma including generational, developmental, womb, inner child, psychosomatic, and somatic trauma. Although her primary focus is helping women heal themselves in an embodied way, her services, tools, and knowledge she has learned can benefit everyone.


In-Person and Online:

One on One Mentoring
Womb Healing
Reiki Energy Healing
Inner Child Healing
Psychosomatic Trauma Recovery
Reiki/Energy Healing
Private Yoga
Private Breathwork


  • Over 1000 hours of training in various yoga practices such as vinyasa, yin, restorative, breathwork, meditation, trauma informed yoga and more.

  • Graduate level program in Compassionate Inquiry under the guidance of Dr. Gabor Mate for inner child healing, psychosomatic trauma and trauma recovery.

  • Certified Shamanic Womb Medicine Woman (trademarked through The Sacred Womb).

  • Graduate of The School For Shamanic Arts.

  • Studied with ISTA - International School of Temple Arts.

  • Continuous education on somatic trauma, psychosomatic therapies, developmental trauma, healing generational traumas from the maternal line and paternal line as well as spiritual lineages.

  • Certified Reiki Master passed down from the Usui Lineage.

  • 10 years of training under various teachers for Reiki healing, energy healing and Shamanic Healing.

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