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Indulge in a Reiki Energy Healing Session & Oracle Card Reading

Reiki is an ancient practice that has been used for over 10,000 years. This form of alternative healing is known to remove energy blockages and relieve symptoms associated with various illnesses and pain. It also promotes deep relaxation, helps with anxiety and healing and stress reduction. Some would consider it a “touchless massage”. 

Reiki Treatment
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healing circles

Group Reiki Meditation

Private and Small Group Reiki Meditation Circles

A Sound Bath is a deeply meditative experience and is perfect for, clearing, relieving stress, anxiety, increasing productivity, bringing in balance, and clarity.  A unique loving, relaxing, and healing experience to share with friends and loved ones. The session will be customized for you and/or your group, using quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and all of my sound healing instruments. Enjoy a sound immersion concert with a guided chakra balancing (or themed) meditation, both of which can be customized for you or your group.

Do you have a small group of friends, relatives, or coworkers who would enjoy a group sound healing meditation or concert? Looking for a unique activity to share? Girls day out together?
Perfect for significant life events such as marriage, birthdays, etc.

Also available for collaboration and co-creation with other event facilitators to add a Sound and/or Reiki element to their events. Contact Jamie to discuss.

Reiki with Jamie
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Hands to Wellness Collective


Inspired Living through Holistic and Integrative Wellness

I have always been motivated through inspiration found in everyday life occurrences...Nature, human kindness, growth, hardship & recovery.


After seeing some of the most "successful" people in the world struggle with their mental and spiritual health, be unclear of their paths or unrealized as their authentic selves, I knew that I could use the tools I use in my daily life to assist, teach, and mentor others to find the esteem, clarity, and vision for inspired living. wellness journey.  Today that practice has been divinely broadened to include a wellness studio that gives myself and  many other gifted practitioners, entrepreneurs, and coaches the space to share their knowledge and provide service to others as they embrace the inspiring  journey of wellness.

I am a proudly skilled Level III attuned Reiki Master and Certified Holistic & Integrative Health Practitioner,  dedicated to teaching and mentoring on a professional and private level.  My passion  is to  inspire mental, physical, and spiritual wellness within the community. Through my Meditation & Reiki practice, I am able to synergize and integrate energy as a pathway to inspired Health & Wellness. Each client receives a personalized session tailored to their individual needs to achieve the highest benefits of their healing journey.

I am blessed to service both private public Reiki & Meditation groups  around Orange County. My extensive experience working with individuals in recovery reaches individuals seeking help to overcome body and emotional trauma, PTSD, addiction, and eating disorders . Christina also provides holistic solutions to teenagers, athletes, the elderly, stressed or injured pets, and anyone in need of more balance and/or pain relief.


Christina collaborates with other energy practitioners in Sound Baths, Breathwork, Acupuncture, and various meditation circles. Her expertise and caring approach make her a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their overall well-being.

I’ve lived a lot of lives and I care deeply about helping people to get to where they want to be whether that is in their personal, Spiritual or professional lives. Nothing is off the table for exploration.  I have decades in both the business world and in deep personal, spiritual, and energy work so the scope of my teaching has a wide pendulum that is procured based off personal need, desire, and authenticity.  


Sound with Jamie

Mindful Meditation 

Your wellness journey is personal! and I  believe in addressing the whole person in my approach to health and healing. As a Holistic and Integrative Health practitioner and Reiki Master, I am committed to offering a wide range of services, designed to help you achieve balance and alignment in your life. Mindful Meditation  provides a safe and supportive space to explore your inner world, connect with others and grow in your journey. Recovery is the path taken for many to move past traumas, addictions, and many other self-sabotaging behaviors that severely alter our wellness. Mindfulness and meditation can significantly enhance the recovery process, especially for those dealing with addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other destructive or self-sabotaging behaviors. Meditation grounds you in the present moment, allowing you to live right here, right now, bringing in calmness and awareness, which allows one to reshape the brain in positive ways that can bring about healthy coping mechanisms, stress reduction, and managing emotions associated with the overall recovery process. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into your recovery program can re-energize your journey and provide valuable tools for maintaining healthy action towards self-improvement practices that can Inspire, clarify, & support you on your path to wellness.

Meditation Class

ABOUT Christina

 Owner of Hands to Wellness, LLC & Hands to Wellness Collective Studio

My journey from Midwest beginnings to becoming an Holistic and Integrative Healer/Mentor and the owner of the heart centered Hands to Wellness Collective in downtown San Clemente, California has been an unlikely, unexpected, wild and winding road.

With a strong career background, the blessed ability to stay-at home while raising my young children, healing from a toxic Divorce to co-parenting and finding love of myself and with another spiritually minded person that has shaped me ... and continues to shape me... into the inspired heart-centered person  I am today.  I'm a true believer that all things happen for me, not to me.  AND... that in the experience of  these life occurrences, whether devastating or exhilarating, that we find our truest self.

yoga with Jamie
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