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with Kayla Parker of Intuitivemediumkayla

Kayla is now bringing her talents and expertise to Hands to Wellness Collective. She is a Reiki Master Teacher (Usui / Holy Fire®️ III), RYT-200 Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Medium, and lover of all things strange & unusual! During her past two years of teaching, she has developed an extensive certification training program that expands beyond the standard techniques and practices of Reiki as provided by the International Center for Reiki Training. 

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In each course, you will be welcomed to take a dive into all things holistic - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!


This includes a handful of eclectic techniques that can be used for chakra balancing, cleansing/blessing spaces and objects, developing intuition, and even incorporating holistic tools such as meditation, breathwork, crystal healing, sound therapy, essential oils, oracle guidance, and pendulum dowsing.


Every student will receive the appropriate ICRT issued Usui / Holy Fire®️ III manual in addition to a brand new supplemental healing workbook and additional PDF reference sheets. This training program is open to existing practitioners from other lineages in addition to anyone looking to start their Reiki healing journey!

Become a Certified Shoden Reiki Practitioner! Learn how to access Source Energy to heal yourself, plants, animals, and learn the basic foundations of healing others. In addition to standard Reiki training, students will be taught a handful of complementary healing modalities and self-care practices.

Level I Reiki.png

Reiki Level 1: Shoden-
Healing Yourself, Plants & Animals

Duration: 1 day (4-5 hours)

You will Receive:

ICRT Reiki 1 Manual History & lineages of Reiki

Reiki experience & Level 1


Extensive overview of the Chakras

Gassho & Tanden


Self-Reiki practices & hand positions

Intro to essential oils, crystals & pendulums

Infusing objects with Reiki

Blessing spaces with Reiki Energetic grounding & shielding techniques

Supplemental healing workbook

Reiki Level 2: Okuden Training-
Healing Others & Sending Distance Reiki

Duration: 1 day (4-5 hours)

You will Receive:

Level 2 Placement/Attunement  

Attunement to (3) Reiki Symbols  

Sending distance Reiki  

Bridging Chakras   

Incorporating crystals & oils in practice  

Full treatment hand positions  

Pendulum programming  

Cord cutting techniques  

Blessing homes and spaces  

Psychic development & the clairs  

How to start a Reiki Business

Level II Reiki.png
Reiki Master.png

Reiki Master: Shinpiden-
Advanced Techniques & Teaching Reiki

Duration: 3 days (5 hours each)

You will Receive:

ICRT Master Teacher Manual
Master Level Placement
Attunement to Master symbol
Attunement to the Holy Fire® symbol
(4) Holy Fire® III Ignitions
Creating crystal grids
Detecting spiritual attachments
Conducting certification trainings
Guardian angel reading & coaching
Web design & branding (optional add-on)

All Trainings will take place in San Clemente at Hands to Wellness Collective

~There are no prerequisites for Reiki 1 Certification  

~Reiki 2 can be taken following the 21 day detox period after completion of Reiki 1

(must hold certification in the Holy Fire lineage)

 ~Reiki Master training can be taken 6 months after completion of Reiki 2

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