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Brandon Thompson

Group & Individual Reiki | Sound Bath | Breathwork Sessions

Brandon is a certified Usui Reiki Master, sound bath facilitator and breathwork facilitator. With over 7 years of experience, Brandon is a vessel for Love in various healing modalities. He offers private and group reiki sessions as well as individual and group breathwork sessions and sound baths.It’s my calling to be a vessel for the outward expression of Love into the world. Over the years I have expanded my capacity to be a vessel in different modalities of healing and transformation. It is my hearts desire to create magical spaces where people can come and feel comfortable, supported, loved and guided into expanded states of relaxation, truth, love and surrender.

As a reiki practitioner, I utilize my breath, toning, sound bowls and shamanic tools to help move, clear and replenish energetic fields within a session. As a breathwork facilitator, we will create an intention and navigate into the body to help move and release energies that no longer serve our greatest good. As a sound bath facilitator, I will serenade your energetic field with vibrations that guide you into a journey of relaxation and revelation. It is my honor to serve you on your journey inward.Brandon also offers multi-modality sessions which include reiki, sound and breath all in one.

Pricing is $150 for individual sessions and $250 for group sessions.


Group & Individual Reiki
Sound Bath
Breathwork Sessions


  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Sound Bath Facilitator

  • Breathwork Facilitator

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