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Our practitioners provide guidance on how to embrace the mind, body, and spirit's true potential by offering a diverse range of classes, workshops and events. In addition to this community based teaching and learning, we offer a chance for clients to dive deeper into their practice with one on one healing sessions.

By emphasizing the importance of deep healing and restoration, clients can step outside of time and be held in a sacred space to fully let go and drop into their regenerative journey.

Many talented, passionate and gifted healers from near and far utilize our shared space to showcase their gifts with the world. Collective Energy Center is-what-it-is and feels-the-wonderful-way-that-it-feels because our practitioners bring their authentic and heart-centered passion to all that they offer. 

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Nichole Ferro

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Reiki Healing
Shamanic Energy Clearing
Psychosomatic Trauma Therapy
Inner Child Healing/Integration

Healing Mother Line + Father Line
Somatic Trauma Release
Rebirthing Breathwork
Soulful Sensuality Mentoring


Nichole strives for a life rooted in harmony and balance with all life around her and walks gently on the earth with deep reverence for all beings.
Her passion is to guide others to understand the truth of themselves within themselves through healing practices such as, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Psychosomatic Therapy, Inner Child work, Womb Healing, Cycle Coaching, Ceremonies, Meditation, Breathwork, Energy Healing, and Yoga.
After traveling around the world and continuing her education under various respected teachers in the healing arts she is now settled in California and is a lifelong practitioner of self-development and personal growth. Nichole is a 500+hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, certified Womb Medicine Woman®, Psychosomatic Trauma Recovery Coach, Women's Embodiment Coach and Reiki Master.

Her mission is to encourage others to tap into their heart’s consciousness by turning awareness to the heart and to trust the wisdom their body is carrying in order to heal deep imprints stored in the subconscious that we've been carrying for generations. She believes the heart and the body to be the center of energetic communication that allows us to interact with all other forms of life which allows us to step fully into our most brilliant selves.

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