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The Spirit and Science of Sound Healing

Many of you may have noticed the rise in the popularity of Sound Baths, Sound Healing, and Vibrational therapy recently. There are many good reasons for that. For starters, this type of energy healing is great for the beginner or the curious. You don't have to believe in anything to receive the benefits and people generally leave feeling either, relaxed, blissful or transformed in some way.

Sound Healing is a tool to transform our energy field and resonate to higher frequency. Binaural beats created by playing two different sound frequencies at the same time may actually shift brain activity into beneficial brain wave states. Just as sounds oscillate at different frequencies, which are measured in hertz, so too does the brain’s electrical activity. And there’s evidence that listening to specific binaural tones may adjust the brain’s electrical activity in ways that reduce anxiety and pain while promoting memory and attention improvements.

Using the law of resonance, and by matching our vibrational signature to the fundamental tone of the universe, the creative power of all that grows, and all that breathes. Our brain pulses and vibrates like everything in this Universe. The brain pulse is measured like sound in cycles per second or Hertz.

Sound healing can bypass our thoughts clutter, and the monkey jumping from branch to branch will quiet down. A still point can be created and the brain waves can be entrained to a theta or delta "state of mind". At this point the merging of energies is facilitated and the field can be harmonized to All That Is, restored with balance and wellbeing. In this range of brain waves, one can merge with the mass consciousness of our planet and beyond, making a link to the Source and tapping into the limitless power of who we really are, Multidimensional beings.

Some of the many benefits of Sound Sessions, Workshops or Sound Healing Experiences...

  • Harmonization of the physical and psychic

  • Refocusing the physical body and the mental body

  • Physical and mental balance

  • Relaxation,Calmness of mind

  • Development of harmonious well-being

  • Personal development

  • Normalization of blood pressure

  • Improving stress-related disorders and anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Balance of the immune system

  • Stimulation of energy

  • Self-confidence

  • Decision Support, clarity of mind

  • Improved concentration and creativity

Please join us in experiencing this healing modality for yourself. At Collective Energy Center we offer...

Weekly high production Reiki Sound Bath Experiences

Various Sound Bath Events & Workshops

Sound Healer Teacher Trainings

Private and Small Group Sound and Energy Healing sessions by appointment.

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