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Anna Lisa Scheid

Reiki Master Teacher | Intuitive Energy Healing | Crystal Therapy

My personal healing journey with Reiki began in 2016. After working for 25 years in healthcare, I finally succumbed to the stress of working in my corporate job. I was suffering from PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain and had symptoms from a recently diagnosed autoimmune disorder. I was ready for a major life change. After quitting my job, I took some much-needed time to look inward to assess my lifestyle choices, to begin to recover physically and to uncover the root causes of my suffering.


During this period of recovery, I rediscovered my yoga practice, reconnected to my intuition and deepened my spiritual practices. It was at my local yoga studio that I was introduced to Reiki. It was through Reiki that I discovered profound healing for my mind, body, and spirit. Since that time, I felt the call to deepen my Reiki practice so that I could help others on their healing journey. It has been a magical healing journey that continues, and I am blessed to have come to know so many gifted healers and teachers on my path.

As an innate intuitive and a Reiki Master Teacher, my mission is to compassionately guide you through your own healing journey so that you may learn to experience inner-peace, self-love, and freedom. I will walk with you to assist you where you are as an individual, in a safe, compassionate, and validating environment.


Reiki Sessions
Reiki certification classes
Intuitive guidance
Oracle card readings
Sound healing
Space clearing for home and office


  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Lineages of Usui, Karuna, Ananda Rei and Shambala

  • Sound healing

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